WaterGroup Pty Ltd

About us

 Established in 2006, WaterGroup is one of the largest integrated corporate water savings companies in Australia.  The company is a widely recognised leader in Smart Metering, Water Loss Management, Capture and Reuse, Water Efficiency Solutions and Leak Detection.

 By leveraging the internet of things, innovation and sustainable solutions its services and products help water suppliers, municipalities, hospitals, universities, large corporates, shopping centres, and large water users save water and money.

 With a specialist pool of expertise, proven design models and innovative engineering solutions, WaterGroup creates and delivers the best possible outcomes for its clients.

Visit us at www.watergroup.com.au.  Follow us @watergrp 


In 2017 WaterGroup was awarded the Australian IoT Award and IoT impact Award for its smart water metering project, at Australia National University (ANU).

Acom Awards.  WaterGroup deployed over 180 water monitoring devices across the ANU campus. It took only six weeks for approximately $300,000 and 57,000 kL in potential water usage savings to be identified.


May 16, 2023  
$70,000 - $85,000 yearly
Your opportunity to ‘own’ and further develop our AWARE Service Program. Bring customer excellence to some of Australia’s largest companies by delivering real, measurable water savings. Manage multiple client portfolios and bring flair to data with expert engineering analysis. Possibility to consider part time.     Salary Range – 70-85k neg.   We are looking for a diligent mech/civil/chem/process engineer with strong hydraulic skills who loves to interact with people. This is a rare chance to work in a job where you can have a direct impact towards a better world. You will be avoiding the wastage of millions of litres of water by closely working with our clients to help identify abnormal water consumption and then working with them to rectify it. Under our AWARE, Active Water Analysis Risk and Efficiency program, you will liaise with them until savings are achieved. You will record of results to monitor and verify savings...
WaterGroup Pty Ltd Hybrid (Flexible working arrangements including partial WFH) Full time Part time