Macquarie Franklin Pty Ltd

Macquarie Franklin is a leading consultancy for business, agriculture and the environment.

We are a privately owned consulting company that specialises in independent advice and services to farm businesses, agribusiness, industry and government. Based in Tasmania, Macquarie Franklin works with clients and industries throughout Australia and internationally.

We are a successful and valued business that provides sound, practical solutions for our clients to ensure the long-term viability of their businesses, the agriculture sector, and the surrounding environment.

We offer a broad range of complementary services across business, agriculture and environment portfolios, including economic and feasibility studies, irrigation and water development, land capability and mapping, natural resource management, training and extension, project management, business management advice and support, and technical agricultural consulting.

Our team take pride in what they do and gain satisfaction in working with clients to achieve meaningful outcomes. The advice offered by our technically competent and experienced team is honest, independent, and based on the best science and information available.