Australian Water Quality Centre

World-renowned for its expertise in water and wastewater analytical services, leading-edge research and professional advice, the Australian Water Quality Centre (AWQC) is at the forefront of water quality science and the protection of public health.

Founded on more than 85 years of industry experience, AWQC is passionate about ensuring safe, clean drinking water across Australia and around the world, with expertise in:

  1. specialised pathogen assays
  2. disinfection by-products
  3. algal management
  4. molecular source tracking
  5. commissioning and monitoring of water and wastewater treatment plants
  6. water treatment advisory services
  7. testing products to internationally recognised standards [AS/NZS 4020].

With purpose-built laboratories and mobile field teams, AWQC’s dedicated and experienced scientists provide world-class water quality management, analysis and testing Australia-wide.

As leaders in the industry, AWQC delivers state-of-the-art services covering all aspects of the water cycle, from catchment, source, treatment, distribution and wastewater, to re-use and alternative sources, such as desalination.

AWQC also provides a 24/7 incident response service, with result reporting available online using the advanced Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) and WaterScope.

The specialist team at AWQC also supports clients to meet their water quality needs by providing training in field sampling, testing, and taste and odour analysis.

Backed by SA Water, one of Australia’s largest water utilities, AWQC understands the intricacies of the water industry and challenges faced by retailers, local government, and service providers.

By leading research and method development of tests, many of which are now standard practice for cases such as Colilert, Algal Toxins, Disinfection By- Products, Cryptosporidium and Naegleria fowleri, AWQC continues a proud legacy of scientific innovation and service excellence.