Solari Energy

Solari Water, a division of Solari Energy, is a sustainable and cost effective water solutions company.

With a range of products in aeration, filtration, media, containerised drinking water and sewage and biotoilets, plus a range of rust remover, pipe cleaning and heat exchanger and boiler scale remover products, Solari Water listens carefully before recommending any product for any customer.  

Solari Water also creates purpose built systems designed to suit customer specifications.  Our products and services are created and sold across the Asia Pacific region.  Brisbane based and Australian owned, work with sustainable products and a company with a focus on long term sustainability.

Aug 28, 2018
$100,000 - $150,000 yearly
Solari Water, a division of Solari Energy, has a collaborative business model for their sales and marketing teams.  In this model, instead of working for Solari Water on salary or base and commission, Solari offers those who wish to work with us the opportunity to develop or expand their own business within our team.  To achieve this you will need your own registered ABN, take responsibility for your own tax and superannuation payments, and ensure that tax returns are submitted on time each year. This model suits both those who have an existing footprint in the water industry and are looking for additional products and services that are complementary to existing, as well as those who have the skill, knowledge and ability to start their own business in this area. Solari has a range of aeration and filtration products, filter media, and MBR and biotoilet products.  Further information can be found on    Aeration and filtration products have been tested in the Australian market, with sales of these products occuring to various customers mainly in Queensland and New South Wales.  In addition Solari has a range of Industrial Cleaning Products covering rust removal, pipe cleaning, and heat exchange and boiler scale removal.  Additional products are being added to the range shortly. For those situations where solar power would be an advantage to the customer, by working with the Solari Energy division this can be be easily achieved, allowing the income and return from sales to be more valuable to all parties. If this opportunity is of interest to you please contact Doug Fletcher direct on  or by phone 07 3118 5927.  We are happy to discuss what we have on offer with any interested party.
Solari Energy All Australian States Contractor