We are an Australian Government owned not-for-profit organisation

We offer capacity building, modelling tools, technical support services and a community of practice to support integrated water resource management, and water management governance.

Our role

Our main role is to support the implementation and use of eWater Source as the National Hydrological Modelling Platform in Australia. To that end, our government owners contract us to provide these ‘adoption’ services in support of the Australian Council of Australian Government's (COAG) National Hydrological Modelling Strategy. This includes provision of long term maintenance and improvements to Source, and providing technical support and training.

We also collaborate with members of our modelling community to develop Source and share knowledge and resources for innovation and best practice in water management. Our Source project work is also part of the capacity we bring to the Australian water industry.

Also important to our role in water management capacity building is our Toolkit suite of water and environmental management tools and resources. The most widely used tool is our stormwater modelling product, MUSIC, which continues to lead the way in decision support for stormwater quality management and water sensitive urban design.

We are building strategic relationships with international river and water management organisations to facilitate the use of Source and Toolkit models around the world, especially in developing and emerging countries.