Orange City Council

Orange City Council provides a wide range of services and facilities serving the Orange community and the wider region, including childcare, tourism support, sportsfields and park and gardens, water storages and treatment, waste management and more than 500 kilometres of roads. The Orange Local Government Area is 290 sq. kms.

Environment & Waste

Creating a sustainable environment is one of Orange City Council's key charters. This includes properly managing, developing, protecting, restoring, enhancing and conserving the environment of the area for which it is responsible. This is done in a manner that is consistent with and promotes the principles of ecologically sustainable development. 

Maintaining Our City

Orange City Council manages and maintains sealed local roads, unsealed local roads and footpaths.

The infrastructure to be maintained also includes bridges, footpaths, cycleways, stormwater drainage, parks, sports fields and council-owned buildings.

There are 474 kms of sealed streets and 147 kms asphalt paved footpaths.420 kms of kerb and guttering. Maintenance of roads and foothpaths is prioritised according to a three-year management plan which is updated annually.

Like all local government authorities around Australia, Orange City Council faces a major challenge in keeping up with the replacement, renewal and maintenance of our city’s infrastructure.