Icon Water Limited

We have been supplying Canberra with top quality water and wastewater services for 100 years.

At Icon Water we promise to continue enhancing the lives of Canberrans to ensure prosperity in the community for generations to come.

You can expect us to be reliable, efficient and helpful. We'll take care of the essentials, so you can take care of the rest of life.

What we do

Icon Water protects and supports the community and the environment by providing high quality drinking water and wastewater services to the ACT and surrounding regions. Our water and sewerage network is over 6440 kilometres of pipeline delivering more than 100 megalitres of water each day and treating over 29 gigalitres of wastewater each year. We promise to continue to support our community for generations to come.

Sustainability and environment

Sustainability is at the core of what we do. We work towards delivering safe, secure and sustainable water and sewerage services to more than 390,000 customers, including households, developers, local businesses, government,  research organisations and academic institutions, community and catchment groups.

Simply, sustainability at Icon Water is about:

  • Enriching our neighbourhood
  • Respecting resources
  • Caring for tomorrow.

Who are we?

Icon Water Limited is an unlisted public company owned by the ACT Government.  The company’s voting shareholders are the ACT Chief Minister, Andrew Barr MLA and the Minister for the Environment and Heritage Mick Gentleman MLA.

Icon Water owns and manages the assets and operation of water and sewerage services to the ACT and bulk water to Queanbeyan.  Icon Water also has an investment in the ACT’s energy distributor and retailer ActewAGL, through a joint venture of two partnerships with each of Jemena Limited and AGL Energy Limited. 

Icon Water has corporate reporting and compliance obligations under Corporations Law, and complies with a total of 73 Acts, Regulations and Codes.  This includes the Utilities Act 2000, Water Resources Act 2007, Environment Protection Act 1997, Water and Sewerage Act 2000 and Public Health Act 1997.