Altogether Group

The Altogether group is owned by the Sustainable Communities Infrastructure Trust, an Australian trust managed by Morrison & Co, who is a private infrastructure investment firm. Supporting businesses that deliver essential services to local communities, it has over AUD$15bn of funds under management, with significant investments in regional-scale wind and solar generation, seawater desalination and green data centres. It is a responsible investor, with a strong commitment to ethical and sustainable business.

At Altogether, we deliver reliable, localised essential services for the prosperity of people, the community and the planet by forging our own path and keeping resources and jobs local. Over 400 communities already benefit from the Altogether experience — from global leading recycled water systems at Central Park in Sydney, to efficient embedded energy networks in the iconic high rise communities of Brisbane Skytower, Q1 and Southport Central in Queensland, new towns at Huntlee and Box Hill in NSW and smartgrids at The Orchards, NSW and Seachange Toowoomba in Queensland.