Water NSW

DPI Water is responsible for the management of the state's surface water and groundwater resources.

DPI Water reports to the NSW Government for water policy and the administration of key water management legislation, including the Water Management Act 2000 and Water Act 1912.

Our core business

  • determine the volume of water available for allocation each year to towns, water users and the environment, particularly during times of severe water shortage
  • ensure all users, including the environment, have access to sustainable water supplies
  • develop statutory water sharing plans which set the rules for sharing water between users, and between users and the environment
  • negotiate interstate and national water agreements particularly in view of the significant institutional changes occurring in the Murray-Darling Basin
  • approve the extraction and use of water, and the policies and procedures for the permanent trade of water entitlements and the annual trade of available water
  • coordinate the development of town and non-urban water policy
  • monitor the quantity, quality, and health of our aquatic ecosystems and water extractions.

Key responsibilities & functions

  • water planning and implementation of interstate programs
  • surface water and groundwater management
  • water licensing and compliance
  • water information and modelling
  • science and evaluation
  • policy and regulation of local water utilities
  • provision of legal advice on water matters to the government.