Tonkin Consulting

Water is where Tonkin has made its name and for more than 60 years we have been shaping new approaches to water management. Our breadth of skill allows us to deliver local water solutions through to complex infrastructure projects.

Tonkin recognises and responds to the community’s need for a safe and reliable water supply.

At Tonkin, we:

  • Plan, develop, design and deliver potable water, wastewater and recycled water infrastructure
  • Develop solutions to collect, treat and reuse stormwater and wastewater
  • Provide exceptional technical skills to investigate, plan and create robust water solutions
  • Offer feasibility, concept planning, design and construction management capability
  • Advance ideas that protect our waterways and natural environment
  • Design safe and secure water supplies for bulk water transfer, pump stations and distribution networks
  • Design regional sewer and effluent systems for construction
  • Undertake network modelling, network planning, future scenario modelling, calibration and model variation.

Tonkin proudly takes a leadership role in ecological stewardship, securing our water resources with sustainable solutions that are supported by smart management and cutting-edge technology.

We continue to learn and adapt as we take on new challenges to protect and enhance our water assets for future generations