National Water Grid Authority

The National Water Grid Authority (NWGA) sits within the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communication. We work closely with state and territory governments, who are ultimately responsible for water regulation and supply, and draw on world’s best science to identify a pipeline of nationally important water infrastructure projects.

The NWGA's objectives are to: 

  • Deliver the Australian Government’s $3.5 billion commitment to identify and build new water infrastructure.
  • Implement a National Water Grid Investment Framework.
  • Identify a pipeline of priority projects that will increase the capacity, connectivity and resilience of Australia’s water storage and supply infrastructure and deliver the National Water Grid – a series of region-specific water storage and distribution solutions that will secure predictable supplies of water now and into the future.
  • Use world best science to determine where and how Australia’s water resources can be sustainably developed to increase security and reliability of supply.