Seko Australia Pty Limited

SEKO is a world-renowned manufacturer of dosing pumps and metering systems with over 40 years’ experience. 

From systems designed to deliver hygiene and surface cleaning to treatment of water for human consumption, or for use in cooling water treatment, swimming pools and in myriad industrial processes, SEKO delivers solutions tailored to meet any given need thanks to its specialization in the design and manufacture of solenoid and motor driven dosing pumps, along with measurement and analysis systems.

Globally Present, Locally Active

Our Global presence ensures that we can support our Customers wherever they are. Supported by teams in over 20 countries, as well as by our accredited Partner Distributor network, we ensure professional, local customer support in over 120 countries, with the added benefit of rapid delivery of goods to meet your needs.

All this backed up and supported by a world-class team of Technical Customer Service, able to provide all the back up or technical support needed. With ISO certificated production sites in Europe, the Americas and Asia, we are close to our customers and fully compliant with all local norms both in terms of our product designs as much as our production facilities.

Your Choice, Our Commitment

People choose to do business with SEKO for one or more reasons, but ultimately it is a choice, and therefore merits our commitment. “Our commitment” is total and not only to our customers, but also to each other and the Company’s to its employees.