ADASA is a unique IT company providing solutions with a vision to support water businesses and public agencies to drive transparency and ensure sustainable water management across Australia. Water is our world’s greatest resource and requires new solutions to manage it better in a world of increasing demand and limited resources. In the last ten years, we have designed and built information systems and services for clients that have improved access and comprehension of water resources, access rules and markets, encouraged the more efficient use of the resources available, boosted water user compliance and the wider community’s trust, improved the effectiveness of our clients’ operations and the safety of their assets, and enabled operations staff and the public to make more informed planning decisions.

Together with our parent company SKion Water, we help public and private organisations around the world to realise integrated water resource management, and respond to the demands of urban water systems, and water-related natural disasters. We build innovative solutions that link the physical and digital world, using data and advanced digital technologies. Our aim is to help our customers unlock the full value of data to provide descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive insights.

Founded in 1988, ADASA has customers in more than thirty countries and our Asia/Pacific headquarters are in Sydney CBD. Our local team consists of business consultants, full-stack software developers, data engineers, and data scientists.