Established in 2006, WaterGroup is one of Australia's largest integrated corporate water savings companies.  The company is a widely recognised leader in Smart Water Metering, Leak Detection and Water Efficiency Solutions.

By leveraging the Internet of Things, innovation and sustainable solutions, its services and products help water suppliers, municipalities, hospitals, universities, large corporates, shopping centres, and large water users save water and money.

With a specialist pool of expertise, proven design models and innovative engineering solutions, WaterGroup creates and delivers the best possible outcomes for its clients.

What we do

  • Smart Water Metering - We supply an end-to-end solution that helps water utilities and large water users monitor and understand their water usage. Read about our latest water metering pilot here.
  • Leak Detection - We can supply you with the right products and services to quickly find leaks across any domestic, commercial or industrial situation. We also specialise in water network monitoring, pressure monitoring and flow monitoring.
  • Water Efficiency -  We can assess where and how water is used in your business (and money spent) and give you a clear path to achieve real water savings. Our other areas of focus include: Irrigation, EPC and Rain Water Harvesting

Read about our projects here.