Tsurumi Pump Australia

Tsurumi Australia is part of the global Tsurumi Pump network which was founded in Japan over 95 years ago. Tsurumi is a leading global manufacturer of submersible pumps and wastewater treatment products; focusing heavily on providing a wide range of high quality and long-lasting products.

With engineering features that offer extended operational life over traditional designs, Tsurumi pumps outmatch all other pumps and can suit all customer needs. Tsurumi stands out from other manufacturers as the pumps come loaded with proprietary technologies that are tested and proven over the years which increase the durability of the pumps. Tsurumi’s pumps are used in a broad range of fields from civil engineering and construction sites that require high reliability, to mines and larger scale project sites like tunnels, bridges, dams and so forth; as well as infrastructure for temporarily bypassing sewerage or draining rainwater to avert flooding.