Aqualyng ICES Pty Ltd

We have been servicing the Australian Mining, Oil & Gas, Power, Municipality, Healthcare, Food & Beverage, and General Manufacturing sectors for over 20 Years.

We are experts in solving water challenges and pride ourselves on delivering reliable and safe solutions that embrace the latest technology and also deliver value to our clients.

Our people understand that the Water sector has entered into a new era of resource management, recovery, and digital transformation. The shift is having a dramatic impact on all industry partners which requires expertise and solutions to solve these water challenges.  Evolving national regulations, including the shift in carbon emission targets, have required our clients to seek new ways to protect and manage this valuable resource.

The Aqualyng team is highly qualified and up to date with changing regulations, planning, current standards, and future policy requirements. With our client focused approach, we seek to build long-term partnerships with our clients to help address their water challenges. 

No matter what your requirements are or what sector you operate within, Aqualyng will be your reliable and trusted partner in solving your water challenges.