SUEZ Water
  • Australia

Our Purpose

At SUEZ we are passionate about environmental services and our ability to impact the world we live in.

For almost 160 years, SUEZ has supported local communities and industrial companies in the management of essential services such as water, waste, and air quality. 

As such, SUEZ produces drinking water for 66 million people worldwide, recovers 2 million tons of secondary raw materials per year, and generates 3.1 TWh of renewable energy from waste. 

In our ongoing management of the ecological transition and climate change challenges, SUEZ will rely on the expertise and commitment of its 44,000 employees (particularly in France, Italy, Central Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia) to offer high-value-added and customized environmental solutions to all its customers. 

SUEZ’s expertise allows, for instance, its customers to avoid the emission of 4.2 million tons of CO2, thus improving their carbon footprint and their impact on climate.