Algaesys Pty Ltd

Algaesys is a disruptive resource recovery company focusing on the treatment of wastewater to recover water for re-use, bio-mass, bio-methane and any other products that can be extracted either from the wastewater itself, the solids, or the produced bio-solids.

What makes us disruptive, is our ability to recover resources using a low-power, low-labour, high-speed process that can effectively operate off-grid, at small, medium and large scale.

With this innovation we make it possible to reconsidering pre-conceptions that typically go into designing wastewater treatment facilities. 

Our mantra is simple - we want to decarbonise the wastewater treatment industry, providing opportunity and reliable, safe and abundant water for communities and businesses that need it most.

Feb 02, 2024  
$30.00 - $35.00 hourly
Intelligent, driven, compassionate, trouble-shooting electrical or mechanical engineer Looking to fill our first full-time engineering role here in Australia. I know I'm going to under-sell this, but that is the idea. Algaesys is looking for someone who likes getting their hands dirty, is capable of learning and of using their powers of observation and intelligence. Our organisation is dedicated to making a difference to this planet (and any others we manage to visit). We want to bring sustainable wastewater treatment to the world, providing a safe & reliable source of water, fertiliser and bio-methane that can be easily managed, monitored and maintained. In order to help us achieve this mission we need a passionate, dedicated team of free-thinking staff who aren't afraid to disrupt the status quo, get their hands dirty, visit locations most people will never see and work with a wide range of clients from large multinational corporations to small first-nations...
Algaesys Pty Ltd Hybrid (Cottesloe WA, Australia) Full time Graduate / Entry Level