BioGill is a biotechnology company that manufactures unique above ground, attached growth bioreactors and biofilters used worldwide in water treatment systems. Our step change technology is now operating in more than twenty-five countries, effectively treating a variety of industrial and municipal waste streams.

At the heart of every BioGill unit are specially manufactured, patented nano ceramic media known as “gills”. These gills provide the ideal, oxygen rich environment for biomass to grow and consume nutrients from the wastewater stream. Microorganisms colonise the gills and grow into a dense, active biomass that consumes nutrients. The BioGill solution delivers superior biological water treatment, at lower energy and lower cost than conventional systes.

With membrane manufacturing based at our head office in Sydney, Australia, BioGill has operations in the USA (Milwaukee) and China (Shanghai/Shenzen).

The BioGill water treatment technology is patent protected worldwide.