May 23, 2018

Student Project - Engineering

  • Queensland Urban Utilities
  • 15 Green Square Close, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Student Project Engineering Engineering (electrical) Engineering (civil/structural) Engineering (mechanical) Engineering (process)


Project Name: Performance Assessment of insitu Flow Meters

Project date: To be agreed between Student and QUU (Ideally commencing July 2018)

Duration of project: It is estimated this would be approximately a 6 week project

Project Type: Unpaid Student Project

Project description:QUU operate a fleet of flow meters as part of its water supply network. These flowmeters are installed in a range of pipe sizes and locations including water mains, Pressure Reducing Valves (PRV’s) and water booster pumps.

The intent of this project is investigate and identify if there is a performance correlation between the age of the flowmeter,its size, its type, its location and the accuracy of the flow meter, and provide recommendations accordingly.

The project will require data gathering on the flow meters including sourcing from in house SCADA systems. Additionally it will require in field testing of flow meters using a calibrated clamp on flow meter. Full training will be provide in how to use equipment and systems.

The desired outcome is an insight and potentially a diagnostic tool that can be used to inform recalibration time frames or replacement timeframe for flowmeters.


Queensland Urban Utilities

Required work rights

Australian Student Visa

Degree targeted

Degree Targeted:Engineering (Civil/Electrical/Process/Mechanical)

Level of degree targeted:Undergraduate

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