May 23, 2018

Student Project - Engineering

  • Queensland Urban Utilities
  • 15 Green Square Close, Fortitude Valley, QLD, Australia
Student Project Engineering Engineering (electrical) Engineering (civil/structural) Engineering (mechanical) Engineering (process)


Project Name:
Mobile Booster Pump Performance Enhancement
Project Type:
Unpaid Student Project
Project date: Project to commence 1 July with an estimate it would take 6 weeks
Duration of project: Estimate of 6 weeks
Project description:
QUU have developed a mobile booster pump for use in its water network as a contingent measure during water outages. This pump can be deployed when water supply is impacted by a burst or planned activities. Alternate supply is via a tanker and the mobile pump can provide the pressure to supply customers.
This project is to develop and implement a series of performance trials to identify a series of operating parameters for the mobile pump. This data is to be used to develop an operating procedure for the unit for different isolation scenarios.
The project will identify, source and procure the appropriate fittings to connect the unit into the water supply network, as well as other requirements such as staff (electrician, fitter), servicing and maintenance and future improvements.The project will identify and develop an appropriate technology to enable the unit to be remotely monitored and controlled.


Queensland Urban Utilities

Required work rights

Australian Student Visa

Degree targeted

Degree Targeted: Engineering (Electrical/Mechanical/Process/Civil)
Level of degree targeted: Undergraduate

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